Club History


The Tradesmen of Goodwick set bowling alive,
On the Parrog foreshore in Twenty Five
The outbreak of War in Thirty Nine
Brought bowling in Goodwick into decline.
Post war years saw hiatus ensue
Until the New Year of Seventy Two
When Welsh Office leaders offered support
To build a new Club for Meetings and Sport.
On top of disintegrating ancient ordure,
Which formerly covered the face of the Moor
Bowling enthusiats revived an old dream
and argued that Bowls should be part of the scheme.
Geroge Morris was Mayor of the Council then,
With support of Ken Grace, various ladies and men,
All was agreed and planning began
Council groundsmen started the work
meaning no doubt to please,
But laying a new lawn and laying a Green,
Required different expertise.
The surface proved poor and players complained
Council then withdrew its men and made a contribution,
Of an Annual grant to purchase plant
For The Club to find its own solution.
The job was done when father and son Trevor and Kenny Barnett
Found great satisfaction in purposeful action by producing a green
Which always is seen as the best in Pembrokeshire County
The Barnets were Men of the Hour
And its good to know
What they put on show is developing with Michael Power

Louis Gray  1922 – 2014

The poem written by Louis Gray c2006 is the potted version. Since that date we have taken a long lease from Pembrokeshire County Council. The original equipment purchased some thirty plus years ago has been “retired” and replaced. Under the watchful eye of Alan Newbery, members carry out all the work. Except the 3 times/week mowing during the playing season.

The green is still one of the best in the County.